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Tell us your story and we will design for you the strongest narrative and target the best way to share it!

Storytelling is an Ageless Art. Since the dawn of time, we tried to make a sense of our romance with the unknown by expressing it through stories, from primitive graffiti, to songs, poems, movies, podcasts, blogs, posts and the stories on Instagram.

Storytelling pushes the message in the gears of modern communication and global innovation. Behind every artist, entrepreneur, brand, product or institution, there’s always a story.  And Creative Pois-on’s storytelling approach opens up infinite possibilities and narratives, shaped according to each specific project and character.

We are ON it.



Creative Pois-On writes and produces effective Podcast series for brands, institutions and individual talents, and comes up with out-of-the-box, innovative strategies to market and distribute them.

With 42 million Americans listening to a podcast each week, podcasting is a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience through very effective storytelling, to create hype around a theme or a product, and to build people’s emotional attachment to a specific subject, therefore increasing revenues.

Podcasting is the new hot medium that combines content that can be accessed everywhere at any time through our smartphones, with powerful, emotional storytelling guided by the human voice. Voice shopping market is expected to be a $40 billion channel by 2022 (OC&C Strategy Consultants). Plus, as of today, 59% of people spend more time listening to podcasts than surfing social media, and 55.6% said they purchased an item after hearing about it on a podcast.

Also, in these critical times of the global pandemic, and imagining a world post COVID-19, when remote smart working could be an effective solution for offices to navigate a possible future emergency, podcasts could be a great intranet way to keep employees connected. We are ON it.


Creative Pois-On designs virtual spaces where people can connect and enjoy all sorts of captivating original contents according to their specific interests. In these ecosystems all of our different production possibilities converge, from podcasting, to video and written materials.

A virtual cultural salon can be the perfect way for a bookstore chain, an art gallery, a big network, an institution, a food store, a beauty salon, a bank or a medical facility to keep the attention of their clients alive and consistent when not in presence. The salon can host podcasts, blogs, visual contents, e-commerce spaces, customized according to the nature of the brand, and it’s a place where your clients can interact, share their thoughts, ideas and emotions. Therefore, it is a very effective way to track their tastes, profiles and demographics.

A similar approach can be utilized by schools, academies and institutions, to gather their students together and stimulate their interests, but also to create e-learning programs that students can complete remotely. The portals can also be stylized as trainings for parents who want to teach their kids at home or have more tools to educate and guide them through their homework. We are ON it 


Editorial Project and Multimedia Contents Beehive

It’s our atelier of stories. Run by our Editor in Chief Tommaso Cartia, Storytelier is Creative Pois-On’s creative and skillful pen which beautifully designs all of our productions.

It’s our editorial project, rich with fictional and non-fictional stories, interviews and Op-Eds, but it’s also our on-going creative beehive of multimedia content. We write podcast storylines; video/audio series for the web and big networks; TV shows & formats; movie screenplays; theater pieces; as well as curating immersive storytelling itineraries at the threshold between art and augmented realities.

Are you a brand, a talent or a business person looking for an innovative way to tell your story?  Are you a network looking for hot new contents? Do you have an idea for a TV show, a movie, or a theater piece but you don’t know how to construct your narration. Or do you need a consultation to refine your original material? We are ON it.



Learn the art of storytelling with our Editor in Chief.

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Are you a professional writer and you need a consultation with Tommaso on your script, format, novel or article?

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Learn how to write, produce and launch an effective podcast show with our Artistic Director.

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Are you a professional podcaster and you need a consultation with Daniela on your show and storylines?

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They are ON it!

Our Creative Writing Sessions are a hands-on the different writing storytelling platforms, from fiction, screenwriting, articles writing, to the posting writing on social media.


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