NYC / EUROPE/ Podcast/ Storytelling, Production & Postproduction


With 42 million Americans listening to a podcast each week, podcasting is a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience and to create hype around a theme or a product, to build people’s emotional attachment to a specific subject and therefore increase revenues.

Please enjoy here a sample of our Branded Podcast Storytelling Productions!

NYC / Podcast/ Storytelling and Creativity for Innovation


Creative Pois-On is an unusual podcast, because Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan (Co-Founders of Creative Pois-On) will be not only creative directors but also guests… every month a different host, a different voice, will come to converse with them on a specific topic such as imagination, connection, transformation, enlightenment… to name a few. This is because Creative Pois-On strongly believes in the power of generating and sharing ideas to connect the dots and immerse ourselves in the multi-dimensional and overly digitalized world we live in.

Each topic will be discussed from a creative, cultural and even business perspective in order to explore how much creativity could be crucial and essential in any fields, from the most corporate to the most artistic and independent ones. After a brief introduction that we call The Creative Briefing, Daniela will discuss the monthly topic by connecting the dots between the world of business and creativity, exploring its potentials and sharing ideas, with her “The Creative Bridge” episode. Tommaso will then give voice to a more humanistic talk with interpolations with the world of entertainment, iconography and Pop Culture: “The Creative Being”. The final episode, The Creative Interview, will be graced by a special guest who embodies and successfully represents the treated topic.

New York will be Creative Pois-On’s solid ground, a kaleidoscopic platform that interconnects the entire world with its variety and complexity in terms of dimensions, groups, ethnicities, businesses and artistic venues. Let’s get started… ready, set, imagine!

NYC / Arts/ Storytelling and Engagement

ART IS IMPERFECTION/Luca Vigorelli Solo Show

"People always say... Take a class, do this do that.. Study this or study that. But life is the real teacher. Go out and soak in life like a sponge. Learn from the realness that surrounds you in every moment. I want my work to breathe life into a space." - Luca Vigorelli

Creative Pois-On designed and built a concept for a successful immersive experience to connect visitors to Luca's mindset and story. By walking through his paintings, people could also see polaroids that were narrating the story of his life experiences, all connected by colored strings of yarn.

The goal of the project is to design an inspiring and colorful journey through Luca's art.

NYC / Arts/ Engagement & Innovative Approach

INTO THE BRAIN/The Leriche Experience

Creative Pois-On created a concept for a successful interactive experience to tangibly "Experience Leriche" (the artist) through a journey into his mind.

Jonas Leriche’s Art is a mixture of authenticity and artificiality. It is inspired by the beauty of nature, that stands in shrill contrast with the world dominated by mere appearance, social media presence and superficiality. The driving force behind his work is the desire to inject the rawness of nature into the seamless perception of life...

The goal of the experience inside the experience is to offer an extraordinary journey inside the brain of this extraordinary artist. A journey through the elements of his artworks: butterflies, diamonds, paintings, skulls

Venice / Hospitality/Storytelling, Brand Awareness & Growth of Online Booking

IN YOUR HANDS/Ca' Sagredo Hotel

In 2016 Ca’ Sagredo hosted Support, artwork created by Lorenzo Quinn that people could admire on the external façade of the hotel. It represented two giant hands that were supporting the hotel, coming out from Grand Canal. It was a metaphor to suggest people to protect Venice against the dangers of climate change.

We developed a compelling storytelling angle for the hotel based on the meaning of hands, and developed it through a consistent strategy that embraced social media, website, events. In order to increase engagement, we launched a contest on Instagram called #CaSagredoSupportArt, where Ca’ Sagredo invited their Instagram followers to share pictures related to the meaning they associated with hands.

The most liked pictures of the contest became part of a photography show. At the opening of the show, we organized a talk between Isabella Collavizza (Art Historian) and Daniela Pavan (Co-Founder of Creative Pois- On) to discuss about the meaning of hands in the world of art and in the digital space.

London / Tech/Storytelling, City Discovery & Innovation


Playtrip App represents a new concept of Tourism: cities are not only to be visited, but also to be "felt" and experienced.

In collaboration with Playtrip App, we developed a series of stories with the aim to add value to the city of London, where the storyline takes place.

No more anonymous itineraries, but experiences with faces, names, images, videos.

First, through geo-location , each stop becomes a small treasure hunt; second, through augmented reality, every places opens up to a virtual experience.

The goal of the project was to promote London and its beauty, through its identity and its history, through totally immersive itineraries.


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