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The Format

Every month a different host, a different voice, will come to converse with us on a specific topic such as imagination, connection, transformation, enlightenment... This is because Creative Pois-On strongly believes in the power of generating and sharing ideas to connect the dots and immerse ourselves in the multi-dimensional and overly digitalized world we live in. Each topic will be discussed from a creative, cultural and even business perspective in order to explore how much creativity could be crucial and essential in any field, from the most corporate to the most artistic and independent ones.

After a brief introduction that we call The Creative BriefingDaniela will discuss the monthly topic by connecting the dots between the world of business and creativity, exploring its potentials and providing insights and ideas with her “The Creative Bridge” episode. While Tommaso will give voice to a more humanistic talk with interpolations with the world of entertainment, iconography and Pop Culture: “The Creative Being”. The final episode, The Creative Interview, will be graced by a special guest who embodies and successfully represents the treated topic.

Ready, set, imagine…

The Idea

Can you believe that not too long ago, before the invention of writing, and what a great idea that was, we were telling stories just orally? We survived ages without writing stories, and incredibly, those stories told by troubadours and cantors, survived till this day. Take the Odyssey for example and all of our folklore and fables tradition.

Todays' podcasts recuperate that oral tradition, keeping it eternally accessible by the art of recording. The term record has its roots in the Latin recordari that literally means to repeat in the heart, because Latins thought the heart was the center of our memories, therefore the expression to learn by heart.In the wave of that, we tuned in with one of the hottest media platforms out there, to leave you something to remember… in your heart.


Andy Warhol