Ready, set, imagine… Creative Pois-On is a New York City-based storytelling platform with the mission to make the powers of creativity and imagination accessible to all of us, once again. We are firm believers that the ancestral power of storytelling is today’s answer to our constant need for communication both in our personal and professional lives.

We are a creative team of pioneer storytellers, an eclectic combination of aestheticians, podcasters, writers, and innovation & business experts, with visual and bridge-builders’ minds, driven by the superpowers of listening and narration. We first listen to you and to your story through an incredibly creative approach that opens up infinite possible ways to design a narrative, shaped according to each occasion, subject, and character. From the most creative artist to the most corporate brand to the most innovative company looking for new waves and ways to communicate their ideas and projects.

There are more than 7 billion people living on Planet Earth. Every single one of us is like an isolated island, a polka-dot (Pois, in French), seemingly disconnected from one another. Laptops, smartphones and social media provide technological bridges, but the story-lines they channel are the real threads for all the living polka-dots around the world to truly connect in this infinite maze.

Start connecting with us through our Creative Pois-On tentacular maze… and be ready to be


Our Vision - THE DOTS 

Dots are like stars: they can stay and stand-alone, but together they create beautiful constellations and become also leading orientation marks. And we are made of star-stuff. (Carl Sagan, Astronomer.)

Creative Pois-On’s Heart Pulsates with Stories: every story has a starting point, an individual human being, a polka-dot (pois in French), where it is birthed. And that impulse than leads the way to infinite storytelling possibilities, sharing value by connecting other human beings, and their artifacts, products, projects, brands, all around the world.

Creativity plays the leading role as a communication code to rediscover the powers we are born with and how we can shape or reshape our future according to our vision.



By definition: A point in geometry is a location, and a point is shown by a dot. A line is defined as a progression of points that extends infinitely in two directions.

Creative Pois-On is the imaginative pen in your hand that can draw the lines of your stories, understanding its direction, arch, and ultimate communication goal, and helps you to clearly point out your creative polka-dot, your controlling IDEA, your essential DNA.

A deep dive into a multisensorial, multidimensional storytelling feeling that draws the audience into a story they can sense as their own, where they can freely move dancing along the stimulations of their own creativity.


Our goal is to make imagination accessible to all of us, once again, through the power of storytelling.


We are all made of stories, and stories are the privileged, primary tool to channel our creative minds into surprisingly effective communications.

Nobody wants to sell just products anymore, and by-the-way what are these products if not the traveling, shiny packaging of a story carrying an original idea.

We believe that Imagination leads to Evolution, and Creativity leads to Innovation. And, if Time is Money, Creativity is also Money.


Everything begins with a story... start yours with us!