Ready, set, imagine… Creative Pois-On is a New York City-based storytelling platform with the mission to make the powers of creativity and imagination accessible to all of us, once again. We are firm believers that the ancestral power of storytelling is today’s answer to our constant need for communication both in our personal and professional lives.

We are a creative team of pioneer storytellers, an eclectic combination of aestheticians, podcasters, writers and innovation & business experts with visual and bridge-builders’ minds, driven by the superpowers of listening and narration. We first listen to you and to your story through an incredibly creative approach that opens up infinite possible ways to design a narrative, shaped according to each occasion, subject, and character. From the most creative artist to the most corporate brand to the most innovative company looking for new waves and ways to communicate their ideas and projects.

There are more than 7 billion people living on Planet Earth. Every single one of us is like an isolated island, a polka-dot (Pois, in French), seemingly disconnected from one another. Laptops, smartphones and social media provide technological bridges, but the story-lines they channel are the real threads for all the living polka-dots around the world to truly connect in this infinite maze.

Start connecting with us through our Creative Pois-On tentacular maze… and be ready to be a-mazed




First of all, we hope you, your team, and your families are safe and well during these challenging times!

As you may know, this month our main topic was supposed to be “ON STAGE”, with a focus on the storytelling of the theater and the entertainment business. But, this emergency situation we are going through because of the corona virus outbreak, changed a lot our lives in just few weeks, and a lot of the lives of the many performers and creatives out there. The theaters and the entertainment venues are all closed, so we decided to change our plans.

You may probably see it as a time of uncertainty and certainly we are going a lot of stress and anxiety. But, you are not alone. As human beings, we are all experiencing the same feeling. We want to let you know that we are here for you. We are here for you to provide you the powers of creativity and imagination through our stories. The show Will go on and creativity will save us. So, we thought for you to construct a series of episodes – Creativity will Save Us - that could be inspirational for all of us, and give us tools to navigate these hard times, from a humanistic as well as business point of view.


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Alessandra Salerno

March 17th, 2020

Interview with Singer Alessandra Salerno

Women 'On Stage'. Interview with International Singer-Songwriter Alessandra Salerno on the occasion of her homage to the #internationalWomenDay 2020.

Erica Jong

March 16th, 2020

Interview with Erica Jong

The American novelist and feminist icon opens the doors of her New York's apartment to Creative Pois-On for an intimate conversation.

David ParrMarch 4th, 2020

Personal Training: Poetry & Exercise Tips

Award-Winning Author and Playwright, David James Parr, presents a few excerpts from his latest collection "Personal Training: Poetry & Exercise Tips".




“A polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colorful, senseless and unknowing.

Polka-dots can’t stay alone; like the communicative life of people, two or three polka-dots become movement…Polka-dots are a way to infinity.”


Yayoi Kusama's art and this quote, in particular, are behind the inspiration for our name and concept. Like polka-dots, human beings have strong individualities. At moments we are full of energy like the sun, and in others, we are calm and reflective like the moon, but seemingly, charmingly attractive. As polka-dots, human beings cannot stay alone; they attract one another like they attract material and immaterial things. We are the magnetic storytellers of this attraction.


We are all Creators. And we have all been given the power of creativity to transform and affect the reality around us in infinite possible ways. But we need to go back to the source, to the original idea of ourselves that allowed us to relate with one another in the first place, through our creative actions and distinctive voices. We can help you do that by reconnecting you with that innate source within, and immerse yourself in the particular stories you want to tell.

Usually, we link the word creativity to the concept of art, equating creative with artistic. So, do we think that only artists, creative directors or designers are blessed with the gift of creativity? What about business people, lawyers, and doctors? Are they not creative? Our assumption is that we are all creative, and we all have a huge creative potential that in some of us is just waiting to be reawakened. Creativity is a great journey that can lead you to develop surprisingly new ideas and unusual ways to solve your everyday problems.




A gesture as small as switching ON a light can literally change the perception of a room, a view, a scenario. A creation can stay in the darkness of its incubation for years, and yet to bring it to light it takes a second. But pressing that ON button could be the most frightening step. It takes a lot of courage and mastering the art to keep Fear at bay. We are ON it, we are ON-line for you and literally ON the Lines of your stories, of your creations, whether it is: a new art exhibition, a fashion collection, a movie, a new album, the opening of a restaurant… or that pitch for that big company that is haunting your sleepless nights. We can press that ON button with you, and coach you not just on how you can effectively narrate a story, but also what’s the best way to bringing ON to the light.





Storytelling is an Ageless Art.

Since the dawn of time, we tried to make a sense of our romance with the unknown by expressing it through stories, whether they were primitive graffiti, songs, poems, movies, podcasts, or the stories on Instagram.

Storytelling is an empathic form of art, the thread connecting the human souls, emotions, and motivations.

Creative Pois-On makes storytelling the lens through which we can look at reality from different perspectives. An incredibly creative approach that opens up infinite possibilities and narratives, shaped according to each project and character.

Storytelling pushes the message in the gears of modern communication. Tell us your story and we will design for you the best approach to share it!

We are ON it.


Podcasting is the secret for modern engagement. 

Podcasting allows you to provide more in-depth content to people. Content that people can tune in at any time, even during commutes or at work.


Training is the way to transform stories in real projects.

It gives you the keys to manage the creative process that involves the combination of creative vision, client relationships, leadership and performance management.


Storytelier is the art of making storytelling a compass to explore creativity.

It is the way to encourage people to release their imagination, through stories that can be developed, explored and distributed as written words, images and/or live storytelling angles.



Creative Pois-On is an unusual podcast, because our Creative Directors will be guests rather than hosts… every month a different voice, will come to converse with them on a specific topic, with a strong focus on Creativity.

IN YOUR HANDS - Venice (Italy)

Hands can be used to love but also to destroy. We developed an engaging experience for a luxury Italian hotel to allow people to explore the meaning of hands in our society.


In collaboration with Playtrip App, we developed a series of stories with the aim to add value to the city. No more anonymous itineraries, but experiences through geo-localization and augmented reality.


Everything begins with a story... start yours with us!

To Be Continued